Phil Murphy for NJ Governor in Newark NJ

Who knew my first blog post wouldn't be wedding, but my other photography hobby: political photo journalism. My friend Michael Minor posted on Facebook Tuesday night that Phil Murphy was going to be at 744 Broad Street, Newark NJ at 9:30 the next day. I packed a bag with gear and put it by the door to have the next day. I thought it would be a standard campaign event- a lot of speeches of support and selfies with voters after. I was mistaken. This was a much bigger event, Phil Murphy officially announced Sheila Oliver was going to be his Lieutenant Governor. I was excited to see it in person. I almost didn't make it on time due to parking, the room was packed, and I could barely squeeze in, but I was able to capture a few great images of the Democratic candidate 

Phil Murphy Sheila Oliver Newark NJ
Sheila Oliver NJ Newark