NJ District 7 Candidates

On February 7th 2018 at Jonathan Davis High School in Springfield NJ held the CD7 Candidate Forum - Union County, hosted by NJ7 Forward and Union County Democratic Committee. The candidates Peter Jacob, Goutam Jois, Tom Malinowski, Lisa Mandelblatt, David Pringle, Scott Salmon, and Linda Weber all spoke on their issues and prepared questions. Thank you to the following for making this event happen and free to the public: Democratic Candidate Forum For 7Th Congressional District, Union county democratic committee, NJ7 forward, Action together NJ, Cranford rising, Westfield 2020 New Jersey, Summit area indivisible,

Bandit turns 14

On July 31st, Bandit the dog turned 14. We aren't sure his official birthday since he is a rescue dog, but he was around a year old when we adopted him, so we always celebrated on his adoption anniversary. Bandit always likes parties and we decided to have a mini one to celebrate. My sister, boyfriend and I ordered a pizza pie to eat and bought rosé wine to drink- for us, not the dog. We gave Bandit a few pieces of cheese and some milk bones and sang to him. I also did a mini photoshoot of him by the fence at the end of the street. 

Bandit Dog birthday Cranford NJ 07026-13.jpg

Phil Murphy for NJ Governor in Newark NJ

Who knew my first blog post wouldn't be wedding, but my other photography hobby: political photo journalism. My friend Michael Minor posted on Facebook Tuesday night that Phil Murphy was going to be at 744 Broad Street, Newark NJ at 9:30 the next day. I packed a bag with gear and put it by the door to have the next day. I thought it would be a standard campaign event- a lot of speeches of support and selfies with voters after. I was mistaken. This was a much bigger event, Phil Murphy officially announced Sheila Oliver was going to be his Lieutenant Governor. I was excited to see it in person. I almost didn't make it on time due to parking, the room was packed, and I could barely squeeze in, but I was able to capture a few great images of the Democratic candidate 

Phil Murphy Sheila Oliver Newark NJ
Sheila Oliver NJ Newark